Lysis – Individual Healthcare Solutions OG

Lysis (Ancient Greek λύσις, “a loosening”, lýsis from lýein, „to separate“) is a proper name as well as a classical Greek term referring to a gradual recovery from disease in medicine and to a dissolving process in general. In this sense, the development of customer-oriented solutions takes centre stage in our company. Lysis – Individual Healthcare Solutions is not only our guiding principle but a liability towards our customers – it stands for independent consulting, exceptional quality and best prices. Besides a great variety of new and pre-owned ultrasound units, we also provide equipments and supplies like ultrasound-gel, printing paper or disinfection wipes.

Due to our longstanding experience in the field of diagnostic ultrasound, our customers benefit from excellent quality and outstanding service. Thus, we are able to offer knowledgeable and demand-oriented consultation, independent from the producers of ultrasound units. We are happy to advice and support you in the acquisition of an ultrasound device that matches all your individual needs and requirements. Our service-team will also supervise you in the case of any questions regarding the purchased products and any other ultrasound devices in place.