Ultrasound Repairs

Ultrasound Repairs

Following our longstanding experience, we know that the reliability of ultrasound units is a major concern of our customers. This is especially because of the consequential costs and losses arising from downtimes of ultrasound devices. Thus, we strive to offer our customers the best possible service concerning this matter for a reasonable price.

Despite regular technical maintenance-service and periodical safety-related checks, it is not possible to rule out software faults and hardware defects. Here, we provide our customers the following benefits through individual service:

–  Encompassing security through our individual Lysis service-agreements
–  Quick response times
–  Fast on-site repairs
–  Cost saving through the use of Refurbished repair parts
–  Minimization of downtimes through loan ultrasound units

In case the on-site repair is not possible, we will take care of the collection and swift repair of your ultrasound unit. If feasible [as far as possible / where practical], we will provide a loan ultrasound unite for the period of repair in order to keep your downtimes as short as possible.

If you have any questions regarding the repair or replacement of ultrasound units or transducers, please reach us at any time via our contact form or e-mail at: office@lysis.cc. We are happy to present you a cost estimate in order to allow for your easy comparison of prices.

In case of urgent repairs, we are also available outside business hours via phone: +43 699 1045 0036