Samsung WS80A with Elite Ultrasound System

Samsung WS80A with Elite Ultrasound System

Now physicians can make a precise diagnosis on patients, even with the most complex women’s health exams. With upgraded 3D imaging engine, clearer and more detailed images can be obtained. Furthermore, advanced S-Vue transducer technology provides enhanced vision of the scanned areas, ensuring confidence in clinical decisions.

Realistic View
This technology shows detailed visualization of subtle anatomical features, enabling intuitive diagnosis on scanned 3D images and enriching patient communication.

Hybrid Beamforming Engine™ evo
This technology combines 2D and color image with fast frame rate for more powerful data processing and noise reduction. It provides clearer images and more stable signals for accurate diagnosis.

Samsung Dynamic MR™ evo
This technology offers speckle reduction, edge enhancement, and contrast enhancement for clear and natural images. It provides application-specific optimization and improved temporal resolution in live scan mode.

5D NT confirms fetal mid-sagittal view automatically from volume data, and the fetal nuchal translucency thickness is measures with simple and efficient semi-automatic operation.

5D LB detects and measures fetal long bones from volume data easily and automatically. Fetal malformation is efficiently diagnosed with accurate measurement while reducing exam time.

5D Stereo Cine
With 5D Stereo Cine, life-like 3D images can be displayed on Samsung 3D Smart TVs for parents-to-be, families, and friends to view more realistic images of the fetus at home.

5D Heart (Fetal Heart Examination)
5D Heart efficiently obtains 9 essential planes for quick cardiac diagnosis. Not depending on operator skills, it standardizes fetal heart images and improves workflow with reliability and ease of use.

5D CNS (Fetal Brain Measurement)
5D CNS is fetal brain measurement offering 6 measurements (BPD, HC, OFD, Vp, TCD, CM) from 3 transverse planes. It displays intuitive fetal brain visualization and improves throughput with just 2 click operation.

5D Follicle (Follicle Measurement)
5D Follicle finds follicles automatically and measures size and status of each follicle, leading to improved clinical workflow. It monitors ovulation of infertility patients and predicts success of ICF cycles.

Transducer Cable Hangers
Users can arrange the transducer cables neatly on the two hangers on either side of the system.

Gel Warmer
Two-level adjustable gel warmer maintains ultrasound gel at a comfortable temperature from 30°C to 39°C.

Additional EV Transducer Holder
An additional endo-vaginal (EV) transducer holder on the system prevents stressful situations where users accidentally knock over endo-vaginal transducer which does not perfectly fit in standard transducer holders.

23-inch LED Monitor
The 23-inch screen LED monitor offers you higher quality color image representation as well as higher resolution compared to conventional monitors, delivering enhanced vision of the ultrasound images.

10.1-inch Touch Screen
The 10.1-inch touch screen is highly sensitive, allowing for easy input to minimize users’ stress from repetitively pressing buttons.

Adjustable Control Panel
Smooth up and down lift allows you to adjust the system to the your preferred height without straining.

MPI enables semi-automatic measurement of fetal myocardial performance index (MPI), reducing operator dependency. It also improves workflow during fetal heart exams with simple, one-click operation.

ElastoScan™ applies strain imaging technology which displays gradient value of tissue displacement via color map. Users gain information on tissue stiffness, and can detect malignant diseases early.

ElastoScan™ for Breast
Users obtain automatic calculated strain ratio between target and reference area with just one selection of region-of-interest (ROI) on breast ElastoScanTM image, providing efficiency and intuitiveness.

Wide Angle Vaginal Probe (E3-12A)
The new wide angle vaginal probe offers field-of-view up to 210˚ for convenient endovaginal scans.

HD ADVR™ integrates DVD (720 x 480) and USB (Full HD 1920 x 1080) technology to enable simultaneous scanning and recording, allowing users to revisit the data when needed.

Hello Mom
This is an Android smartphone application that can be wirelessly connected to WS80A to download fetal ultrasound images and movies, enabling easy sharing with others. Mothers can also track their babies growth.

C2-6 Curved Array
SC1-6 Curved Array
L5-13 Linear Array
L3-12A Linear Array
VR5-9 Endo Cavitay Curved Array
E3-12A Endo Cavitay Curved Array
V4-8 3D Curved Array
V5-9 3D Endo Cavitay Curved Array
CA1-7A Curved Array
CV1-8A 3D Curved Array
PE2-4 Phased Array
CF4-9 Micro Curved Array
LA3-16A Linear Array
CA2-8A Curved Array
LV3-14A 3D Linear Array