Samsung HM70A Ultrasound System

Samsung HM70A Ultrasound System

Featuring the latest in advanced imaging technology all incorporated in a compact hardware, the new HM70A is the perfect choice for physicians and sonographers who want to deliver excellence in clinical efficiency and patient care wherever they go.

S-Flow™ is an innovative, highly sensitive color Doppler that can reveal peripheral blood vessels even when blood flow detection is extremely difficult.

Hybrid Beamforming Engine
Combining optimal 2D and color image quality with fast frame rate, this technology processes data more quickly and accurately through optimized processing for more detailed scanning with higher energy output.

Needle Mate™
Needle Mate delineates optimal needle location when physicians perform interventions with pinpoint precison. It aids in medical procedures including nerve blocks in regional anesthesia and etc.

Full Screen Mode
With one touch, user can expand the image area to fit the entire screen, optimizing the view for user’s image analysis. Users can control various imaging parameters even when the image is on full screen.

ElastoScan™ applies strain imaging technology which displays gradient value of tissue displacement via color map. Users gain information on tissue stiffness, and can detect malignant diseases early.
4D and 3D XI™
Equipped with 4D and 3D XI™, HM70A can be used for both baby facing and diagnostic 3D/4D imaging. 3D XI™ offers easy control over 3D/4D volume data manipulation for maximum diagnostic accuracy.
HD Volume Imaging™
Using a filter that removes unwanted speckle and noise while improving the visualization of edges and small structures in 3D data, HDVI™ quickly renders superb images at the simple touch of a button.
Fast Booting
SSD technology enables powering on in 60 seconds from the powered off state, and 10 ~ 20 seconds from sleep mode. With the setup utility, users can program the system to awake upon lid opening or upon pressing the power button.
Integrated DVD (1024 x 768) and USB (1024 x 768) technology permit simultaneous scanning and recording. The recordings are formatted as DVD, USB or MPEG files, and users can see the recordings for review.
Auto IMT™
This feature allows for automatic measurement of the carotid artery Intima-Media Thickness (IMT) for earlier diagnosis of stroke and heart attack risk
Backlit keyboard and control panel
Users can operate HM70A even in low-lit areas.
Front and rear handles
Users can move the system on the optional cart or carry it by hand for easy mobility and effortless maneuverability throughout the hospital.
Compact and lightweight
The fully functional laptop-sized ultrasound system is slim and lightweight, at 6.1 kg (13.44 lb). Users can easily take the system to patient locations.
Optional cart features
1. Gas Lift
2. On-cart power outlets
3. Storage spaces for printers
4. Extended probe ports

L4-7 Linear Array
L5-13 Linear Array
L7-16 Linear Array
CF4-9 Micro Curved Array
C2-6 Curved Array
SC1-6 Curved Array
PE2-4 Phased Array
P3-8 Phased Array
VN4-8 3D Curved Array
EVN4-9 Endo Cavity Curved Array
CW2.0 Pencil
CW4.0 Pencil
CA1-7D Curved Array
LA3-16AD Linear Array
DP2B Pencil