Samsung SonoAce R3 Ultrasound System

Samsung SonoAce R3 Ultrasound System

An exceptional portable color ultrasound system that displays higher image quality for all its applications. This small and compact system has full diagnostic capabilities.

Slim and Compact Design
The compact design of SonoAce R3 offers Full-Featured Workflow with a thumbnail menu and shortcut, together with functional key groupings for increased efficiency. The user-friendly design combines a wide-view 15-inch LCD monitor with backlit control keys, customisable measurement package and body markers. The SonoAce R3 features 2 probe ports, 3 USB ports, rapid boot up capability and DICOM 3 compatible image filing. This slim, lightweight unit also has a convenient carrying handle for maximum portability and flexibility.

Full Spectrum Imaging™ (FSI™)
Full Spectrum Imaging™ (FSI™) produces the penetration capabilities associated with the lower frequencies, while still maintaining the fine pixel uniformity associated with the higher frequencies. This combination consistently delivers superior quality images, even in the most challenging diagnostic circumstances. The resulting clarity delivers improvements in accuracy and efficiency for greater confidence in your diagnostic procedures.

The Latest In Harmonic Imaging
Harmonic Imaging is a common feature of ultrasound technology, but our innovations have taken its potential one step further. The basic theory of this technique is that it records higher frequency information, resulting in greater resolution and fewer artefacts than ever before.

Speckle Reduction Filter™ (SRF™)
Speckle noise is a granular noise that increases the mean grey level of a local area. Reduction of this is vital for accurate image interpretation. Speckle Reduction Filter™ (SRF™) improves image quality by minimising or eliminating the unnecessary echoes from ultrasound images. Flexibility is enhanced by the ability of the user to select the degree to which the decrease is implemented, enabling greater control of the process.

Synthetic Aperture
The physical radio channel may present some limits to imaging which can be overcome by using Synthetic Aperture Control software. This method uses information from diverse sources to form a more complete picture of the area under examination. It creates one single scan line by performing the TX and RX twice to create enhanced penetration and resolution. Synthetic Aperture Control technology complements conventional imaging to deliver a comprehensive picture and to aid accurate diagnosis.

QuickScan™ has been designed to maximise workflow efficiency by automatically optimising key imaging parameters at the touch of a button. The resulting increase in efficiency allows your organisation to offer patients an improved service with faster and more accurate diagnoses. This reliable and safe system helps your clinic or hospital to deliver a superior patient experience.

Customisable Measurement Package And Body Markers
SonoAceR3 features a customisable measurement package and body markers for added convenience. The ability to specify set measurements and a calculated package sequence offers your organisation increased efficiency in diagnostic procedures without compromising accuracy. The compact unit provides a portable scanning solution with flexible and rapid operation, resulting in a more effective workflow. The SonoAce R3 enables your hospital or clinic to provide an enhanced patient experience.

PB-TZCN2-8 Curved Array
PB-TZEC4-9 Endo Cavity Curved Array
PB-TZLN5-12/40 Linear Array
PB-TZC2-4/20 Micro Curved Array
PB-TZLE5-12 Linear Array
PB-TZL5-12/60 Linear Array
PB-TZCN4-9 Micro Convex Curved Array
PB-TZC2-8 Curved Array
PB-TZC2-5 Curved Array
PB-TZLN5-12 Linear Array
PB-TZEVN4-9 Endo Cavity Curved Array
PB-TZLV2-5/180 Linear Array
PB-TZLV5-12/60 Linear Array