Siemens Sonoline G50 Ultrasound System

Siemens Sonoline G50 Ultrasound System
The SONOLINE G50™ ultrasound system continues the SONOLINE legacy of innovation and value by
offering advanced, all-digital ultrasound technology in a customizable solution – a solution designed to
meet your individual clinical and economic needs.
In addition to excellent imaging performance and a high level of standard features, the G50
system is unique in its individual scalability.
The system lets you benefit from the migration of innovative Siemens technology. It supports your
diagnostic decisions with excellent image quality, superb workflow solutions, and the simple
elegance of reliable, intuitive operation across a variety of clinical applications.
The inherent simplicity of the SONOLINE G50 ultrasound system lets you put your skills and experience to work where they are
needed most – unraveling the complexity of a clinical challenge.
Siemens designed the G50 system with your workflow needs in mind. With exceptional image quality, highly intuitive operating
principles and a classically comfortable user interface, it supports confident decision

making in the most efficient way possible.

The SONOLINE G50 system provides you with a complete all-digital technology platform that ensures superb ultrasound performance and
excellent workflow support on demand. It also offers the power of individuality, allowing you to choose the customized imaging solution that fits
your own needs.
Do more. Depending on your requirements, you can add individual features including additional array and sector transducer port options and an
echocardiography package.
Get more. The G50 ultrasound system can be customized with additional clinical and workflowfunctionality migrated from other Siemens ultrasound systems. Productivity tools such as the DIMAQ-IP integrated workstation with embedded DICOM connectivity, stress echo capability and
innovative features like SieScape panoramic imaging can all be integrated seamlessly.
• New-generation, all-digital technology preserves signal integrity of ultrasound
information throughout the entire signal path.
• Tissue Harmonic Imaging is a standard feature to enhance visualization,
particularly in difficult-to-image patients, through improved tissue
resolution and reduced image noise.
• AutoColor technology allows single-step optimization of color Doppler imaging
to help reduce exam time.
• Ultrasensitive, wideband transducers matched with user-selectable MultiHertz™
multiple-frequency imaging improve penetration and resolution for expanded
clinical versatility.
• Directional power Doppler combines the sensitivity of power Doppler imaging
with directional flow information.
• The open architecture is ready to seamlessly integrate digital archiving, review
and transfer of complete ultrasound studies and additional functionality such
as cardiac imaging.
Designed for Flexibility
• The small footprint of the lightweight system allows it to fit
easily into any exam area.
• Four-wheel swivel design offers high mobility and easy
Walk Up and Use
• The homebase layout of the control panel, linked to Windows® operating principles,
promotes logical, intuitive and comfortable system operation.
• Fully optimized system presets enable better results with less effort.
• SuppleFlex™ cables and microCase™ transducer miniaturization technology
are designed to increase user comfort and help reduce operator fatigue.
More Confidence, More Quickly
• All-digital image processing and advanced transducer technology provide exceptional
image quality.
• Tissue Harmonic Imaging with selectable frequencies increases success, particularly
with difficult-to-image patients.
• Rapid transition times let users move quickly between modes and functions.
• The system offers easy and rapid access to comprehensive measurement and report
packages customizable to individual workflow needs.
• QuickSets™ user-programmable system parameters streamline exams and
workflow steps.
Productivity Tools with DIMAQ-IP Integrated Workstation
• Digital acquisition, storage, review and transfer of complete ultrasound studies –
including dynamic clips – with no interruption to exam workflow.
• Complete exam data can be instantly recalled on the system with a simple
menu selection.
• Digital review and archiving of results with the flexibility to send to multiple
destinations, including CD-R, MOD, and DICOM-compatible PACS systems.
Innovation Integrated
• SieScape panoramic imaging provides expansive, high-resolution, real-time views
of anatomy when a larger field of view is needed or side-by-side organ comparisons
are desired.
• The open, all-digital system architecture is prepared to accept future innovations.
Cardiac Imaging Option
• Phased array imaging capabilities including steerable CW Doppler and ECG module add echocardiography functionality.
• Comprehensive cardiac measurements and reports are easily accessible.
• Stress echo exam capabilities can be seamlessly integrated.

5.0C50+ Curved Array
5.0L45 Linear Array
5.0P10 Phased Array
7.5L70 Linear Array
BE9-4 Biplane Endocavity Array
C5-2 Curved Array
C6-2 Curved Array
C6-3 3D 3D Curved Array
C8-5 Curved Array
CW2 Pencil
CW5 Pencil
EC9-4 Endo Cavity Curved Array
EV8F5 3D Endo Cavity Array
Endo V II Intracavity Array
EV9-4 Endo Cavity Curved Array
L10-5 Linear Array
MPT7-4 TEE Phased Array
VF13-5 Linear Array
VF 13-5 SP Linear Array

Spare Parts:
A40 PAMP Board
A50 SUBC2 Board
A66 DTPS Board
A46 RXBF Board
A56 CFPR Board
RCLM Power Supply
A36 XSEL TI-Board
A48 PWPP Board
A42 TXBF Board
A36 PSEL TI-Main Board
A25 MTHR Board
SWRG Power Supply
LCD Upper Control Panel
I/O Modul
Main Control Panel