Samsung Hera W10 Premium Ultraschallsystem

Samsung Hera W10 Premium Ultraschallsystem

HERA W10, the premier model of the HERA platform, will help you get more insight in diagnosis with its intuitive visualizations, precise analytic features, and instant operation. It is Samsungs commitment for Obstetrics and Gynecology applications to support for life-long healthcare of women, diligently pursuing for new possibilities in ultrasound diagnosis.

Outstanding Image Quality

  • Crystal Architecture™ – Offers a superior image with single crystal probe technology S-Vue™, a new beamforming technology CrystalBeam™ and an advanced post-processing engine CrystalLive™.
  • ShadowHDR™ – Provides a shadow suppressed image, especially applicable to highly attenuated regions such as fetal head and spine.
  • HQ-Vision™ – Allows users get high resolution images to detect clinically important details.

New Samsung Exclusive Technologies

  • MV-Flow™ – Offers a detailed view of blood flow in relation to the surrounding tissues or pathology with an enhanced spatial and temporal resolution.
  • LumiFlow™ – Provides a three-dimensional visualization of continuous and volumic vascular image.

Seamless Workflow

  • Wide Control Panel – Adopted rotatable control panel with a top-notch swivel mechanism. Allows moving range of 550mm from left to right and 219mm from top to bottom.
  • Touch Customization – Allows users to easily change the position of the button on the touchscreen for each mode and feature.