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Mindray DP-10

Diagnostic Ultrasound System

With the best-in-class combination of performance and ergonomic design, DP-10 is an ideal choice for B/W system. Excellent image quality and PW Doppler imaging with auto measurement meet the requirements of different applications, helping you to enhance your diagnostic confidence. High definition LED with full screen design of DP-10 provides you with new operation experience.


Mindray’s new generation of ultrasound system, DP-10, is equipped with advanced imaging technologies allowing deeper penetration and faster image acquisition with higher resolution. A smart new shape, enhanced mobility and convenient operation make DP-10 well suited for all clinical settings.



PW Doppler and Auto Trace reveal details of blood flow for more comprehensive diagnosis.

Tissue Harmonic Imaging

Utilizing second harmonics generated from tissue boundary layers, THI significantly enhances contrast resolution and improves image quality especially for technically difficult subjects.


Tissue Specific Imaging optimizes the image quality based on the properties of the tissue being scanned. Four imaging options are available including general, muscle, fluid and fat.

Clinical Images

6 compatible devices


Mindray 35C50EB

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