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Following our longstanding experience, we know that the reliability of ultrasound units is a major concern of our customers. This is especially because of the consequential costs and losses arising from downtimes of ultrasound devices. Thus, we strive to offer our customers the best possible service concerning this matter for a reasonable price.

Despite regular technical maintenance-service and periodical safety-related checks, it is not possible to rule out software faults and hardware defects. Here, we provide our customers the following benefits through individual service:

– Encompassing security through our individual Lysis service-agreements
– Quick response times
– Fast on-site repairs
– Cost saving through the use of Refurbished repair parts
– Minimization of downtimes through loan ultrasound units

In case the on-site repair is not possible, we will take care of the collection and swift repair of your ultrasound unit. If feasible [as far as possible / where practical], we will provide a loan ultrasound unite for the period of repair in order to keep your downtimes as short as possible.

If you have any questions regarding the repair or replacement of ultrasound units or transducers, please reach us at any time via our contact form or e-mail at: We are happy to present you a cost estimate in order to allow for your easy comparison of prices.

In case of urgent repairs, we are also available outside business hours via phone: +43 699 1045 0036

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Due to long-term utilization, ultrasound units can become dirty and worn-out. Thus, we have specialized in the refurbishment of your ultrasound devices. Our refurbishment-service is ranging from thorough clean-ups to the removal of dust and dirt inside the devices, up to the repainting of parts of the casing.

Our services at a glance:

– Basic exterior-cleaning
– Cleaning of dust filters
– Removal of dust (inside and outside)
– Professional cleaning of the testing probes
– Optional: Repainting of parts of the casing
– Optional: Safety-related check in the course of the refurbishment

In order to fix an appointment, please get in touch with us directly via our contact form or e-mail at:

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Probes & Parts

Ultrasonic spare parts

In addition to the sale of new and used devices, we can offer you comprehensive service and repairs for your existing ultrasound device.

The most common causes of errors in ultrasonic devices are defective probes and faults on the circuit boards. It is often worthwhile to compare different repair offers in order to find an efficient solution and save unnecessary costs. We offer you the opportunity (depending on the needs and age of the device) to organize new or reconditioned spare parts. Our service technicians are available at any time for professional installation.

Ultrasound probes

In addition to electronic defects, errors often occur in ultrasound probes. These defects range from normal wear and tear on the coating to damage to cables and even crystal failures. Damaged ultrasound probes no longer produce the desired sound power and the user cannot make unrestricted diagnoses. For this reason, special attention must be paid to the functionality of the ultrasonic probes used. We would be happy to advise you on all options for probe repair or replacement of your ultrasound probes. With reprocessed probes, a significant price saving can be achieved compared to purchasing a new one.

For any inquiries about the repair or replacement of ultrasound devices and/or probes, you can reach us at any time using our contact form or by email at: We would be happy to provide you with a non-binding cost estimate to enable you to make a simple price comparison.

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Application Training

Have you received a new ultrasound device or, despite your many years of experience, still have questions about your device? It is almost impossible to know or master all the functions of an ultrasound machine. In the event that you are interested in initial or follow-up training, we would be happy to offer you tailor-made training. Here you will receive training that is specially tailored to your device and tailored to your personal needs. These application training courses can be organized for most ultrasound devices and disciplines.

To make an appointment or any questions, we would ask you to contact us directly using our contact form or by e-mail to

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Safety Check

According to the applicable Austrian Hospitals Act (KAG, Federal Law Gazette No. 106/1979), the Electrical Engineering Act (ETG, Federal Law Gazette No. 106/1992), and the Medical Devices Act (MPG, Federal Law Gazette No. 657/1996), all health care facilities are obliged to have all medical devices used checked regularly. Ultrasonic devices must be subjected to a technical safety check (STK for short) every 24 months. This STK is mandatory and must be carried out by qualified personnel with the appropriate measuring and testing devices.

What steps are taken in the course of the STK?

  • Devices according to EN62353 - visual inspection
  • protective conductor
  • leakage currents
  • Function
  • Documentation and labeling

We would be happy to advise you on this technical safety check and carry it out directly at your location by appointment. To make an appointment, please contact us on +43 699 1045 0036 or contact us using our contact form or by email at:

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Service Contracts

Whether you have decided on a used or a new ultrasound device, after the warranty period has expired, there is always the risk that the device will become defective. Under certain circumstances, this can result in expensive repairs and long downtimes. That is why we offer our customers the security of minimizing downtimes and repair costs with an individual service contract. The Lysis service contract is specially tailored to your device; the duration and scope can be agreed upon individually.

The Lysis service contract is also available in combination with a loan device service, which reduces your downtime to a minimum.

For further information or an offer for a service contract for your ultrasound device, please contact us at the following number: +43 699 1045 0036. Alternatively, you can also contact us by email at: or using our contact form.

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